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realestatelawReal estate property law raises unique issues of practice not present in other legal transactions. There are many rules specific to Connecticut that must be strictly adhered to in a time-sensitive manner. Varrone & Varrone are legal experts, knowledgeable and experienced in all matters concerning residential real estate purchases, sales, and refinances. You can have confidence that the complex issues involving titles, closing of mortgage loans, development, environmental concerns and more will all be handled successfully.

Varrone & Varrone’s Real Estate Department has extensive experience in all types of property transactions, and focuses exclusively on real estate, including preparation of purchase and sales agreements, examination of titles, consulting with your housing inspectors, environmental hazard identification professionals and other experts that may be required in your particular real estate transaction. We also act as a settlement agent for lenders.

Whether you are a current or potential homeowner, a seller or a professional in any area of property acquisitions, Varrone and Varrone will provide you with individually tailored legal services. Our significant knowledge of Connecticut state law allows you to have peace of mind that we’ll get the deal done.

We offer unsurpassed care, responsiveness and attention to detail. Call us today!